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"Their heavy - ish prog is knotty, intricate and more importantly fun. They're going places."


Issue 129  - Winters End Progressive Rock Festival Review by Jerry Ewing


Issue 131  - Featured Limelight Artist session with Philip Owen Weller


Issue 136 

Prog Magazine's 'Best Unsigned Band 2022' with Lucy placing in the 'Top 10 Female Vocalists’


Issue 138

Square Wild 2 page spread and interview of Lucy about the band

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Reviews, live footage and photos, some words from the band and more on Bloodstock HERE

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Bloodstock: 30 bands not to miss - Rockflesh

“theirs is a technicolour and transcendental take on prog rock. Do you remember those old fashion kaleidoscopes’ that we used to keep ourselves amused before the Xbox was invented? Theirs is the musical equivalent of one of them.”
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Emerging Rock Bands

Our Mini Fest Review  - Live Review of our performance and Mini Festival by Victoria LLewelyn

" I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in ages, the atmosphere was chilled out and welcoming, the team had gone out of their way to pay attention to detail, and Square Wild’s set was one of the most entertaining I’ve seen! Their quirkiness, originality and sense of fun sets them apart from their peers.  Go and see them if you get the chance, I promise you’ll come out with a smile on your face! "


Photos © Tessa Carol & Trevor Cotterell


Front artwork & CD design - Lucy Shevchuk (vocals, guitar, keys)

Back ‘Fishman’ artwork - Nathan Butcher (Grand Radish)

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EP Review  - Review of our EP by Toby Cryne

" Here’s what I wrote whilst listening to The Tree-P for the first time: 

  • That riff wants me to invade a country (Hounds opening riff)

  • Songs take me on a journey

  • Stunning vocals

  • Tight as a mouse’s ear (yeah, I actually wrote that)

  • I should quit guitar "

Metal Planet Music

EP Review  - Review of our EP by Paul Monkhouse

" Square Wild aren’t interested in reinventing the wheel, they’re just determined to do things their own, inventively evolving way and this release is just a taster of the promised greatness yet to come. "

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