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…And well done our Lucy for winning the ESP competition on the Friday, claiming favourite guitarist of the day! A note from Lucy;


"Winning this guitar from ESP Guitars at Bloodstock Festival means so much to me. Rarely recognised as a guitarist and very much still feeling like I'm starting out compared to my peers, it gave me such a massive boost of confidence. I can't say thanks enough! I realised, I don't really need another guitar and I've wanted to do something for Ian's Chain Charity  since playing SavFest 2023 , given that I'd lost two friends recently to suicide and Ian’s Chain is about suicide prevention. So, I decided to raffle this guitar off, hoping it may go to someone who needs it more than me. Head to our homepage and fill out the donation form to enter! More about Ians Chain Charity can be found at

Thank you and please share!

Lucy x”

Bloodstock, you were awesome!

Performing on such a prolific stage amongst so many amazing artists was an amazing experience, thanks to everyone who’s supported us on our journey there! Take a look at the coverage below and see what people had to say about our set…


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