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Thank you Nene Valley!

“Lost for words at the absolutely amazing, wholesome festival that was Nene Valley Rock Festival . The overall vibe was one of the friendliest we’ve experienced and there were bands that literally blew our minds. Lifesigns , incredible. Curved Air, insane. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, madness. That’s just to name a few. Don’t sleep on these older bands people, there’s a a lot a lot of us could learn by going watching and supporting them. Also, don’t sleep on NVRF - Nene Valley Rock Festival . We would absolutely love to be back next year if it goes ahead! Thank you so much to the whole team for your hard work, it is no easy task organising something like this. Trevor Nvrf , we are insanely proud of you, you are a legend.

Bryan Taylor , thanks so much for these pictures!” - Lucy

NVRF is run ‘not-for-profit’ by die hard music lovers, all volunteers, who want to provide a festival that’s all about the music and it’s fans. 2023 showcased an array of artists old and new, covering rock, blues, prog and everything in-between. 2024 will see the festival’s return, which we’re thrilled to be a part of once again! Head to their website and follow them on facebook and see for yourself. Scroll down for some awesome shots of our 2023 set, and hopefully catch you there this year!

Nene Valley day 4 review on The Progressive Aspect

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